Charter Cargo Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Comprehensive air charter solutions specific to your industry’s needs. With dedicated management, our experienced team help you to meet your supply chain's immediate transport requirements and long-term goals.

Industry expertise

Keeping your supply chain moving

Our expert air cargo specialists work with all industries, providing air transportation solutions critical in keeping supply chains moving around the world. Our services can dovetail with any existing plans or we can strategise a programme entirely based on your cargo transport requirements.

24/7 Air Transport Solutions

Transport according to schedule

Air transport is the quickest mode for transporting your commodities, equipment, finished goods and more. We provide full aircraft charter, part charter, Express Freight and OBC services, and provide time-critical operations to meet production and distribution deadlines. Our team works around the clock to accommodate your needs.

Meeting your cargo transport needs with expertise.

Dedicated Management and Planning

Our cargo charter specialists work directly with you for any of your specific transport and scheduling needs — whether you need to manage complex projects or ensure urgent delivery requirements.

Freight Logistics and Transportation

Beyond arranging aircraft to fly cargo of anysize, anywhere in the world, our experts are able to ensure a smooth process and safe operations from end-to-end - so you'll have the full support necessary.

International Cargo Capabilities

With our global network, we operate worldwide. For those needing to transport freight to challenging locations or navigate any restrictions, our team assist with permits and documentation for your cargo to be delivered without delay.

24/7 Monitoring & Delivery Assurance

Our team monitor your cargo in real-time, keeping you updated throughout the process. With door-to-door, airport-to-airport cargo services, we ensure a smooth operation for your cargo flights. Our 24/7 support team is readily available always.

Extraordinary delivered, every time.

A dedicated Account Manager will help you assess all your logistical needs. You can always be certain you are getting the most efficient solutions that save you time and align with your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you need from me?

Providing as much information from the beginning will ensure a more speedy response, allowing us to be more resourceful with appropriate solutions. It is best to include exact locations for pick-up and final delivery. Additionally, having detailed information about the cargo, such as the exact dimensions and weight of any shipments. Please also note any critical deadlines.

Can I arrange for a series of cargo flights?

If you require multiple chartered flights over a given period, simply let us know your timings. Whether you require cargo solutions seasonally or quite regularly, we can schedule aircraft according to your requirements and shipping cycles. We also have the ability to scale your flights to any interval. Our team of freight charter specialists can consult with you to create a customised freight charter programme that works specifically for your supply chain needs to ensure your delivery deadlines are met.

What is the contractual process like?

At Air Partner, we set a high value on reliable and clear contracting terms with no additional costs to be expected. We are committed to securing the best charter price based on market availability and being able to deliver your freight according to your specifications. We can help you negotiate the best possible terms for your shipment, allowing for more flexibility. Additionally, we can help you identify any potential risks. Our team can provide a back-up plan is in place or offer alternative options to ensure risks are mitigated.

What can I do to facilitate the process?

Beyond providing as much information as possible early on, having an appointed person of contact will always help to keep lines of communication open. This ensures our dedicated account managers can keep you up to date, and also be able to get any critical information during your charter.

Are there any new considerations for operations during COVID-19?

Be considerate of your timelines, especially for international requirements. While we do specialize in time-critical services, due to the disruption of COVID-19 and various factors, traffic rights in order to operate flights may have longer processing times, so it is always best to start planning as early as possible and to secure the best pricing. At Air Partner, we adhere to any best practices for COVID-19 safety in coordination with your freight charter arrangements and on-site logistics for our personnel.