Our Services Division

The Air Partner Services Division is the result of​ our acquisitions of Baines Simmons, Redline Assured Security & Kenyon International. We have united these organisations to empower our clients in resolving operational, compliance and regulatory performance challenges. This is achieved through the provision of Training, Consulting and Managed Services that support aviation, transport sectors, critical national infrastructure, armed forces, governments and regulators in addressing risk and vulnerabilities throughout their organisations.

Baines Simmons

As trusted advisors to more than 750 aviation organisations and over 40 global aviation authorities, Baines Simmons are specialists equipped with a wealth of over 20 years experience that enables them to deliver a range of specialist services. This includes Aviation Safety Management, Fatigue Risk Management, Wildlife Hazard Management and Aircraft Registry Services, which ensure that their clients are operating safely and are compliant with regulatory standards.

Redline Assured Security

Redline Assured Security is a specialist provider of government standard security solutions with over 15 years experience. Trusted by organisations across the globe, they are committed to enhancing the delivery of assured security in regulated, high value and high threat environments by providing a high standard of training, consulting, managed services and technology solutions to their clients. 


Kenyon are a full-spectrum emergency response service who are committed to ensuring that clients are prepared for whatever eventualities may arise. Having responded to over 350 fatal and non-fatal international incidents over the last 115 years, the team are well equipped to provide support when it is needed the most. This includes, but is not limited to, emergency planning, disaster recovery, crisis communications, call centre services and training.