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Monday, August 23, 2021

The way people plan travel today is considerably different than before and even during the pandemic. A variety of factors continue to concern and impact traveler decision-making, such as new travel regulations, peak period demands, scheduled airlines service availability and travel disruptions. With COVID, planning ahead has remained an obstacle for many travelers. Our charter team recognize the heightened interest in private flight solutions domestically and internationally, for business or recreation, with safety and flexibility becoming prominent considerations.

Many people may still be intending on your annual vacations and business travel, and we should also be incredibly mindful of the holiday travel season. What does that mean for your travel planning? It is expected that the demand for travel will increase as more countries continue to allow travel, reopen offices for business, and resuming major global events. With looming uncertainties, travelers have leaned toward booking travel much closer to the planned dates for departure, and many have been seeking socially distanced options, such as private aircraft and private airport terminal access. We tend to see average private jet booking windows ranging from 10 to 14 days in advance. However, we also handle last-minute and urgent flight requests for customers, which include same-day charters, or flights for within the week or for the coming weekend.

While it is always recommended to plan your travel with as much advance notice, our team is available 24/7/365 to quickly respond to last-minute bookings whenever necessary. We also understand last-minute flight requests may also be of due to urgent circumstances, whether it be a sudden change of plans, an emergency situation, adverse weather or other unknowns. Extending a trip during a vacation or business trip, or being able to cancel a flight short notice, are not uncommon requests.

personalized private jets charterCustomers can always book a private jet flight with our On Demand services at any time, and our Account Managers will advise on the best options for an aircraft charter that meet desired timings and flight routes. For those who may need more frequent flight options and understand what their specific travel requirements are, our extended Private Jets services offer assurances that allow for more convenient booking processes, shorter notice periods and more flexible cancellation windows. Our On Demand+ and JetCard program are designed for greater flexibility, allowing greater personalization and customization, with additional benefits such as guaranteed availability. Our Charter Management Program with On Demand+ allows convenient booking with the ability to put funds on account and fly at competitive market pricing. With our fixed hourly JetCard pricing, members are able to budget against their travel plans, knowing exactly how much their trip will cost.

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