The benefits of corporate shuttles for company travel

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

We’ve spent nearly six decades providing air charter solutions, ensuring our clients can travel smoothly. Our team is attuned to meeting the simplest needs to the greatest demands for custom transport solutions, and we deliver expert and reliable charter services to governments, royalty, multi-national organizations and individuals all around the world.

As many countries are still figuring out how to revive air travel, domestically and internationally, companies and corporations have come to us over the past few months for smaller and larger aircraft to accommodate their groups’ personal and business schedules.

We understand there is a growing need to prioritize productivity, employee safety and risk mitigation. Based on the important, changing travel needs, our expert team can adapt a flight program designed specifically for you and your company to fly anywhere.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider our tailored Corporate Shuttle Program, VIP group flight arrangements and aviation consultancy for your company travel…

Flexible scheduling and greater access saves time

With our Corporate Shuttle program, we give you the convenience of booking corporate aircraft and your frequently flown routes based on your own desired timings. You can even access airports where commercial airlines are not allowed or cannot fly during certain times. With access to more airport hubs, fly out of a fixed-based operator (FBO) or private terminals recommended by our aviation experts.

With your private charter, you and your employees can board the aircraft quicker, avoiding extended security check points and airport wait times. Additionally, you can expedite the process and improve the overall experience with ground transportation arrangements and baggage handling services upon request.

Flight arrangements of any complexity

Due to diminished airline flight availability, it may have become more challenging to travel between spoke cities or fly internationally. Whether your company requires a one-time, round-trip flight for employees or frequent travel for executives between cities without regularly scheduled service, our team can arrange private aircraft charter based on those needs and provide expert advice for any requested routes. Many of our customers especially benefit from being able to book multi-city itineraries, arrange flights during peak season, and make last-minute flight requests for urgent situations.

Expert customization with 24/7 support

Our aviation experts have a fine understanding of corporate travel requirements across every industry to ensure that we have the right expertise in place to deal with your requests. We help you uphold any strict flight requirements, including detailed specifications and travel policies. We handle every aspect of the flights, from unique aircraft customization, complex travel logistics and preferred onboard settings so you don’t have to.

For added convenience, our dedicated service team can set up a unique booking tool for your organization that enables your executives to customize their air travel requirements, view all relevant flight data, and make last minute changes, such as adding passengers to the itinerary.

Added COVID-19 safety measures

With COVID-19 concerns, our air charter services allow you to request additional safety measures that may be specific to their needs, such as socially distanced seating, limiting contact with external crew, and selecting the most ideal airport corridor. Our team complies with any regulations in place including, but are not limited to, regularly disinfecting aircraft, supplying PPE, and carrying out temperature checks before boarding. With further support from our security division, Redline, we can also offer solutions to mitigate risk and exposure through flights creating a lower risk environment for passengers travelling during the pandemic. 


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